Professor, choreographer, researcher, music producer and Dj. Edson Guiu is a pioneer of house and hip hop dances in Brazil in Latin America. Country Filho with African descent His first contacts with the art of movement were also born in his first childhood through two six countries. Currently he is two more important professionals in the country and in the world.


Known and respected for its unique style and great experience. In 1996 I made my way to Hip Hop culture in New York, beginning a period of study that lasts for two days. I had as mentors nessa conhecimento day great nomes of the first second and third generation of hip hop and house dance culture. Such as: Brian Green, Shotyme, Bravo, Conrad and Shan S. Em mieds of 2010 met with two great mentors, or French Dj Sam One who learned the art of dj and musical production. Fact that it leads to a deep change and a melhor understanding of the relationship between music and dance. I see no background of music and he is known as Dj G onde behind his style, a Brazilian tempera and all of his roots. These characteristics make it a very special face, giving the public of music and dance a more than special experience. This long period of mentoring served as a starting point for the development of exercises and trainings to establish a didactic that aims to explore the individuality that each dancer has. Teaching is that consequently leads to a deep understanding of importance that the connection between the state of emotion, spirit and sensation of urban dances demonstrating this in a practical and palpable way. Tudo isso is part of a process that seeks to extract from each individual their own style of moving within the linguagens of urban dances. Its methods help people around the world in offices and lectures ministered in countries such as: Italy, Germany, United States, Portugal, France, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguai.

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Sean Bjerke


"Hi, my name is Sean Bjerke in Boston, a taekwondo teacher and house dance instructor. I was very lucky to meet this man who I call my brother. Edson Gonzaga, DJ G. I met him in the year 2017 and I was fortunate to train with him weekly from the year 2019 in particular and also in a small weekly group class capable of creating online. And one of Edson's special gifts as a teacher and mentor is that he really seeks the inner qualities that each one has that is unique and very special to them and helps them bring it out in their dance, in their movements. He reinforces this throughout his classes that anyone can learn the basic steps and put them together, but what you add makes you unique. It is what will make it truly memorable. This is something that I really keep in my heart."

Gabysinha do Brasil


"Hi! My name is Gaby from Mexico City.
Throughout the quarantine I have been practicing and training house dance with Dj G. I am very grateful because I have learned very valuable things. Practicing and training techniques.
For that I am very grateful. Thank you DJ G for all your knowledge and advice.”

Simone Viera


“Well, I'm here to talk a little bit about mentoring with Dj G, which is being a sensational and unusual experience.
In addition to impeccable technical training in house dancing, we learn a lot about music, learn a lot about history and most important of all we learn to have respect with the pioneers, with those who came before us. We learn to have respect for our own history and our experiences and the knowledge of it. It was because of the classes with Guiu that I started to go after my story, who I am, that I started to respect my experiences and I have been able to bring this to the dance. Then we see how important this is for anything we dance.
So just be grateful for the opportunity to be training with him and let us know that we still have a lot to learn.”



"Peace for all! My name is Paul from Los Angeles, California. I've been practicing with Dj G for about a year, a year and a half. For those who signed up for house dance classes you will be in for a surprise. You are in the right direction, on the right path.
Congratulations once again and enjoy the process.”

maeth G.


"I’m Maeth G. from Peru. And I want to tell you a little about my experience in class with my master Dj G.
I am very happy because I have evolved in my dance and as a person as well. Being in your classes is learning a lot about the culture, love and spirituality that dance has.
And importantly, about the technique. Each class is something new, it is something different to learn. Things that will help you a lot and little by little you will learn and you will be able to take your dance to another level.”

felipe costa


"My experience with Guiu added a lot of value to my dance. It was only with the knowledge that I acquired with him that I was able to evolve my dance and understand concepts that no other teacher or dancer has ever been able to teach or explain to me. Through it I was able to have a deep understanding of what it is to dance well. There is a phrase that says "man can only see what he knows". If I take this quote into account now I could say that I was almost blinded to what dance really is and that now, because of everything I learned from Edson Guiu, I see it."