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The Brazilian artist Guiu (DJ G) instills tradition in all that he breeds. Internationally recognized as a dancer, choreographer, educator, DJ and producer, seu selo Sambanismo collaborates with the Brazilian culture essay with enthusiasm for novas tradições musicais. Já known by his choreographic direction and workshops, G was inspired by a chance he met with the Parisian artist Sam One and the invitation to enter his recording HOUSE 4 YOU. Isso quickly moved the focus of the dance artist to the creation of dance music, including production collaborations with artists from Chicago, Russoul & Pullman Porters, as well as various musicians from his native city, São Paulo, including the Orixás Jet Viana drummer. He has appeared in renowned clubs such as Djoon, in Paris, Cielo in NYC and MiCasaHoliday in Playa de Carmen and can be found providing a musical venue for prestigious dance battles with Juste Debout, Red Bull, Pura Calle and much more. Singles and remixes are widely available in Azucar, Sambanismo, Merecumbe Recordings, Open Bar Music, and their first album Solace will be available on all major platforms not the end of 2019.


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